La Vie en Rouge


Translation… Life with Red. I am a huge fan of wine. Red is my favorite. Ok, I am a wino! Most importantly, I am not a wine snob. And of course, if I had my choice, and money was no object (yeah, I am pinching myself right now to wake up from my dream) I would love to spend the money on excellent wines costing $30 a bottle or more. And to some people, $30 a bottle is what they do pay for an everyday bottle of wine. But, I must reserve my $30 a bottle wines for special occcasions like birthdays, anniversaries and one-of-a-kind restaurant experiences.

I drink too much wine to spend $30 every time. So, for me an everday wine is one under $10. When I find these treasures, I will inform you. It is not impossible to find them. Try looking in the bargain bins of your local wine shops. Don’t head for the cellar, or the shelving on the walls. Both of the wine shops I frequent have bargain sections.I have found a few really decent, drinkable wines for $3.99! That is not a typo…$3.99! One of my favorite bargain French red wines is a C√¥tes du Ventoux from La Vieille Ferme, which means’ the old farm’, in English. It is a wine from one of the best vineyards in the Rh√¥ne Valley in France. I have been drinking this for years and currently I am drinking a 2004. I can find it for $5.99. This is a perfect wine for just easy drinking. It does pair well with cheese and pasta. It is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Cinsault grapes. It is very fruity, has soft tannins and good body. It is great to cook with, and in recipes that call for marinating in wine, like b≈ìuf bourguignon, it would be perfect. You can find more information at www.vineyardbrands.com or www.lavieilleferme.com.


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