Travel Tip Tuesday : Ziploc Bags – The Perfect Travel Accessory

Travel Tip Tuesday

Ziploc bags are to travel, what duct tape is to, well, pretty much everything else.  They are reusable, recyclable, come in many strengths and sizes and handy as all get-out, which makes them the perfect travel accessory.

Ziploc bags have become increasingly popular, due to their quart-sized bag becoming the publicized standard for meeting TSA carry-on restrictions for liquids in quantities of three ounces or less.

Hey, if they recommend the sophisticated Ziploc, it must be good!

Here are a some of the many other uses discovered for using Ziploc bags for travel.

  • Spa facial.  Put a clean washcloth in a Ziploc bag, carry it on the plane.  When you get near your destination, ask the flight attendant for some hot water, poor it in – put the washcloth over your face!! (Budget Travel Mag)
  • Pack Leftovers. Bring a Ziploc to breakfast and pack leftover bread, pastries or fruit to take along for an afternoon picnic.  (Vicki, Jacksonville, FL)
  • Organize Accessories. Put a complete outfit together on a hanger, pack all the accessories to go with that outfit (jewlery, scarf) in the Ziploc bag, poke a tiny hole in the bag and place it over the hanger.
  • Beach Protector. Bring a few Ziploc bags to the beach.  Place your camera and cell-phone in the bag to avoid getting them wet or sandy. Use another to hold your wet bathing suit, so you don’t get everything else in your bag soaked.
  • Inflate it!  Use your own hot air to blow up a Ziploc bag.  Use as a make-shift travel pillow, lumbar support or put some in your luggage to fill up empty space and keep loose items from rolling around!
  • X-ray vision.  Keep film, digital memory cards and camera batteries in a Ziploc bag.  It’s easy to remove from your bag and have a TSA clerk hand check your film, rather than putting it through the x-ray machines and face the possibility of damage.
  • Secret hiding place. Make a large Ziploc your go-to place for your passport, airline tickets, and any other special events tickets or itinerary items you may have for your trip.  You’ll always know where to find them, and the bag protects them from getting wet, dog-eared or torn.
  • Laundry Kit. Pour in some detergent, add water, place your delicates in, close and swish.  Voila!! A mini washing machine.

I am sure there are many, many more ways to use Ziploc bags for traveling.  Please feel free to share your clever uses in the comments!

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