Travel Photo Friday : A Different Perspective


Welcome to our 5th edition of Travel Photo Friday!

I am excited this week that Erin of The Olive Notes has submitted some, shall we say, artistic photos for this months event.  

And, she presented them in a guessing game fashion.  How clever is that?!

So, on with the show.

Erin writes, I like to look at famous monuments in different ways to find geometric shapes.  Here are a couple of examples I've enjoyed spotting while traveling in Europe.

Picture #1.


Can you guess where this enormous hole is found?  Yes, I'm looking directly skyward as told by the clouds. They say you can fitMINI Cooper cars end to end across the opening.

Picture #2


On a romantic night in the city, we finally made it under one of the most famous icon's in the world.  Over 700 tons of iron stands above my head, complete with 20,000 light bulbs.  Can you guess where I am?



The famous Pantheon in Rome!  This is probably my most favorite monumental structure in the ancient city.  So foreboding and grand.  It makes you just stand in awe of how this was constructed so long ago.

Answer #2


Of course, we are standing under the beautiful Eiffel Tower in the city of lights and love, Paris!  What a wonderful surprise we had we when rode to the top to find the nightly strobe-light show (from the 20,000 lights) begin the minute we stepped off the elevator!

Thank you so much Erin, for the stunning pictures and the little Q&A you set up for us!!

That is one stunning night shot of the Eiffel Tower!!

Do you have a favorite travel photo that you would like to submit for Travel Photo Friday?  Please email them right along to me, with your description.

Join us for our next edition, which will take place on October 3rd.

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