More Beautiful French Words

Though I am in no way fluent in French, I do appreciate learning a few new beautiful words every now and again.  Plus, it’s such a lyrical language – one that is easily butchered if you don’t have the ability to speak it in the back of your throat and through your nose.  I’m still working on it.

Some words sound more beautiful than others – and feel good in your mouth when you say them. “Mouth Candy” to quote a Francophile friend.

You may remember Beautiful French Words from a while back.  Well, I thought it was time for another installment?

If you’d like to hear them spoken (and you’d be crazy not to want that!) try this fab AT&T program – just type in your word, pick the male or female voice and voilà! , musical French to your ears.  It’d be fun to practice…non?

pamplemousse {grapefruit}

ameliorer {to improve}

parapluie {umbrella}

inoubliable {unforgettable}

beaujolais {type of wine}

bibliothèque {library}

malheureusement {unfortunately}

aubergine {eggplant}

volontiers {with pleasure}

enchanté {delighted to}

merveilleux {marvelous}

époustouflant {mind-boggling}

délirant {wild, hysterical}

Do you have favorite French words?  Share in the comments!

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