More Beautiful Italian Words

The quest continues for more beautiful Italian words.  It’s been a few months since we talked about Italian words.  I figured it was time for another dose.

This is an ongoing quest.  Endless, really.

You may remember More Favorite Italian Words and before that Lovely Italian Words.

Here are some more new favorites.  As always, clicking the links will enable you to hear the Italian pronounciation – and really, who wouldn’t want to do that?

dondolare {swing, rock}

evviva! {hurray}

chiocciola {scroll}

stranieri {strangers, foreigners}

azzurro {blue}

principessa {princess}

magari {maybe}

assolutamente {absolutely}

Riomaggiore {a town in the Cinque Terre}

fagiolini {string beans}

solamente {only}

piccolo {little one}

esatto {exact}

arrivassero {they arrived}

frigorifero {refrigerator}

però {but, however}

meraviglioso {marvelous}

uffa! {sigh of distress}

stuzzicadenti {toothpick}

Dimmi, what are some of your favorite Italian words?  Share in the comments!

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