Thermal Spa Towns in France

Thermal spas towns can be found all over Europe, and France boasts more than 50.  These are places where water is believed or has been found to have special healing qualities.  The benefits of going to the “spa” have been touted for centuries and dates back to the time of the Romans.  We still can experience their benefits today in a variety of places found all over the French countryside.


Evian-les-Bains might sound familiar and it should.  It is home to the popular Evian mineral water.  People all over the world rave about the benefits of Evian’s bottled water.  One can only imagine the therapeutic effects of visiting the actual place where this mineral water originates.  It is situated at the base of the Swiss Alps and carries with it all the charming characteristics that this mountainous region has to offer.


One of the most famous spas found in the Vichy region is Les Celestins.  Vichy is located on the banks of the Allier River.  The thermal waters of Vichy have been cited even in the Medical world as having therapeutic properties.  Their benefits have been recorded back to the days of Napoleon.  If it is good enough for Napoleon it seems like it would be something that could benefit the slightly less sleep deprived or inclined to world domination.  Further proof can be found in the 13,000 visitors who come to Vichy each year and the thousands more who use the skincare line of the same name. Many try the “Vichy Shower”, a treatment that can only be found in the region.  It consists of two people massaging you while your body experiences the benefits of Vichy water.


If you like having options in your choice of spas then Dax is the place for you.  It boasts eighteen different spas to choose from.  This makes it one of the most popular destinations for thermal spas.  Here you might find yourself in an aero bath having your muscles relaxed with bubbles, or experiencing Peleotherapy from mud actually found in the region.  These are just two of a wide range of options available. One popular spa is the Thermes des Arènes.  This particular spa specializes in rheumatology and is the ideal place for people experiencing difficulty with their circulation.


Some things seem to get better with age like a fine wine or even certain cheeses.  It is the passage of time that gives them their taste and adds to their worth.  Situated in the heart of France, in the Central Massif region, is a thermal spa town known for, well, its age.  Néris-les-Bains has been in existence for some 2,000 years and clams to be the oldest spa in France, first inhabited by the Gauls.  A popular tourist attraction with casinos, tennis courts and villas, this spa specializes in treatment of stress, back pain and nervous system disorders.


Saint-Gervais utilizes its snowy region to benefit the recipients of its spa treatments.  The Monte-Blanc spa is one of the most popular and boasts a variety of treatments from the application of aromatic oils to volcanic clay applications.  Not only is this a popular spa destination, but it has a medicinal side as well.  Here you can find a therapy even to assist individuals in their effort to quit smoking.  The health benefits from this treatment have the potential to even save a life.

Written by: Molly Photo Credits:  jodastephen / sardinista / oiseau / DidierTais / lassi kurkijarvi

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