Happy Clients

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Here are what some of my happy clients have to say about working with me:

Foodie Adventures & Tours

Our Tuscany wine tour was AMAZING! He was a great guide, knowledgable, friendly, good English, and he clearly had good connections with the places he took us. It was a day we will never forget. Thanks so much for arranging the tour!

- The Trombley’s

We had a beautiful day under the Tuscan sun, rolling hills and lots of Chianti Classico.  A big GRAZIE for arranging such a perfect tour! I was pinching myself all day because I thought I was dreaming!

- Jessica I.

I just wanted you to know that we had an awesome experience on our walking tour of Florence this afternoon.  She was so knowledgeable and interesting; she completely exceeded our expectations! Thank you for arranging this tour. It was one of the highlights of our trip!  

- Susan Huang

We’re very impressed by the itinerary you provided for our foodie day in Venice. Loved the detail!

- Scott Crawford

We enjoyed our Paris cooking class, Anne was delightful! She made us feel extremely welcomed in her home and we felt like old friends rather then paid guests.

- Steve Linou

Our wine tasting was fantastic! She was so knowledgable about the wines, their purposes, food pairings….amazing! I learned more than I had ever hoped for (including how to hold a wine glass without looking like a cavewoman)! My husband enjoyed himself too. He seems quite proud of his newfound knowledge.

- Miranda & Steve

Our Tuscany wine tour was great! We really enjoyed the flexibility the private tour gave us. He was knowledgeable about the area and history. Once he found out I was interested in some of the local foods, he stopped at stores where we could taste and buy.

- Esther Issac

The two Paris food market tours for our group were fantastic! I was quite impressed with how you put together a truly great experience.

- Amy Johnson Ph.D.

We really enjoyed ourselves on the Venice Boat Tour, it was great fun! She was great with the boys letting them learn how to row. We would definitely do it again and would suggest it for others going to Venice. It was great fun!

- Sarah Massios

Our Paris cooking class was wonderful! Anne and her family were very inviting and the dinner was one of the best memories of the trip!

- Molly Haynes

Our Paris cooking class that Robin arranged was the perfect way to understand not only French food, but the French people. Anne was excellent in teaching us how to prepare a dinner for 4-6 people that was ready just in time for each course. It's worth the money!

- Adam & Natalie Wardel

Trip Coach

You have been a wonderful assistance for our upcoming Paris trip. Your suggestions and ideas have taken this trip to another level. I really think this is a great itinerary.

- Vickie Francone

I have to say Italy was the best part of the trip based on family feedback. Everything you recommended was great! I have talked about the value add you were and have friends that said when they are going to Italy will ask for your name. Great value! We may be going back in the next 2 years – they loved it so much. I will be in touch. Perfect way to plan our vacation.

- Chris Robbins

Thank you for all of your help this week. Your tips and advice have been very helpful! Thanks for being so quick to get back to me and sharing all of your insights during our coaching. It was great working with you.

- Toni Takeno

We hired Robin because we needed advice on our Italy itinerary, hotels and travel modes. Her recommendations were great and very useful. We were very happy with the work she did for us and felt it was worth the money we spent. Knowing what we know now, we would have her help us again if we had to do it all over.

- Ed Lorenzini

Custom Travel Planning

Robin, we want you to know just how much we appreciated your help, patience and expertise. The trip was wonderful and you made it all so easy and organized. We have been talking you up to all our friends and co-workers. All of the guides were exceptional and true professionals. They reflect well on your reputation. There was not a question we asked they could not answer. I could go on and on but suffice it to say we had a tremendous time and send you a big bear hug for all you did. I hope, in the years to come, we can plan another special vacation with your help. Thank you!

- Gale & Jeff Reynolds

We thank you for making our vacation a grand success!! We enjoyed working with you and I feel like I've made a new friend! You did everything we asked, for a reasonable price and in a timely manner. We'll be sure to contact you again and I have already recommended you to others. If you ever need someone to contact us to ask about working with you -I'd be happy to do it and give you high marks!

- Laura & Scot Hill

Thank you so much for setting up all of our guides - every single one was fantastic! I enjoyed getting to know each of them, they were all so informative and helpful. And the hotel you booked in Florence was outstanding! We loved everything. Thanks again Robin!

- Trisha Miller

We had a great time in Paris and your custom maps and itinerary were so helpful to us! They helped us plan our days so that were not all over the place and kept us organized. Thanks again for your help.

- Micholyn Brown

Our Europe trip was just fabulous! You were so helpful in making this trip truly a very memorable adventure. I will highly recommend you to anyone traveling to France or Italy.

- Julie & Sam Cardinale

You have done an incredible job for us and we are truly grateful for all you've done to make our Italy Dream Trip #2 a reality. We pass along your great work often and hope you will continue to work with us!

- Carla Martin

Thank you, thank you for helping us have a fabulous trip. You played a big role in making it great! I will refer my friends to you when they are going.

- Ross Hosking

Got back from my Italy trip a few days ago, just wanted to say thanks for your detail oriented itinerary, you definitely helped me out!

- Frank Williams

Robin is a top level professional who planned my dream vacation to Italy. I appreciated her attention to detail and paying close attention to the things that were most important for us to see. I feel so fortunate to have had her wealth of knowledge. I was thrilled with her insights and recommendations and I couldn't have done it without her.

- Carla Martin

Travel Consults

I am spreading the word to all my friends that they need to use you for any travels in France and Italy. You are so helpful! I'm sure I'll be working with you again down the line. You specialize in my two favorite places in the world!

- Theresa Mackey

Your assistance really paid off! We have been able to secure just about everything we were looking for using your suggestions. We took your advice and reworked our trip in a little different order. Thanks again for all of your help, we don't know how we would have pulled this off without you!!!

- John Jurkash

I was referred by my friend Jane, who you assisted last year. I booked a consult with you becuase I was feeling completely overwhelmed with planning a trip to a country I have never been to and don't speak the language. After speaking to you, I felt a wonderful sense of calm. I feel like the puzzle pieces fit together now! You are the epitome of organization, helpfulness and kindess. Thank you for everything! We had a fabulous trip!

- Janey Mason

Thank you Robin for everything!! It was a pleasure talking with you and we now have a much better idea of what to do and where to go. We are very excited about our trip!

- Stacie Rees

Thanks very much for all the information shared during our consult Robin - it was so very helpful! My wife and I have just booked our hotel and other plans for our trip to Assisi and Rome using your recommendations from our call. I will send you a note when we return with a photo or two.

- Neil Kiesel

Thanks for all the great info you shared with us, both on the phone and in email. Your advice was invaluable - we're feeling so much more confident about our honeymoon travel plans now!

- Alyssa Novak

I was referred by a friend who had used your services in 2013. I booked a consult because I was completely overwhelmed with planning a trip to a country I've never been to and don't speak the language. After speaking with you, I felt a wonderful sense of calm. I feel like the puzzle pieces fit together now! You are the epitome of organization, helpfulness and kindness - I'm already singing your praises to friends. Thank you for everything!

- Janey Mason

We had the most AMAZING trip to Italy and loved every single minute! Loved your recommendation of where to stay rather than right on the Cinque Terre. Thanks for all your help and tips!

- Sue Caminada

Our trip planning was made so much easier with your help! You found us a handful of really great [Paris apartment] options, and the one we chose could not have been more perfect. The location was ideal. the space was fantastic, comfortable, well equipped and convenient to everything. I look forward to planning another trip and utilizing your friendly, personal, professional service again!

- Ann Laatsch

Robin's warm emails and quick responses during my Quick Consult gave me very helpful and detailed recommendations on Venice accommodations, which made my trip planning go smoothly. Thank you!

- Ameera Aumeerally

Your expertise has been incredible. I can't wait to use your suggestions when I'm in Paris. For me, your knowledge and willingness to work with me has been a gift I've given myself!

- Suzy McNeilly

Robin was just what I needed. Her hour long consult helped ease my pre-trip concerns. She helped me understand so much more about the various regions in Tuscany as well as the various types of accommodations. Her list of wineries and foodie tips was just enough to keep me up all night anticipating all that Italy had in store! I'm so grateful I found My Melange and look forwarding to using Robin in the future for my Paris trip and other Europe travels.

- Michelle Meals

Thank you so much for your help with our Italy trip! You really guided us on how to plan everything!

- Sofia Cordero

Robin was very patient and a great listener. She saved me time and gave me comfort that our trip was going to be wonderful and that we were getting the best of what France had to offer. I would absolutely recommend her to others. I only wish she covered more countries!

- Kate Cohen

As I was planning my 50th birthday with nine friends in Italy, I reached out to Robin for a tour guide for a day in Florence. Within short order she not only found one and set up the tour - but she was fantastic! I couldn't have done it without Robin and her personal contacts. For little or big requests, I suggest you reach out to Robin and use her expertise. I know I will again.

- Kristina Pleiman

Working with Robin was a pleasure and a great comfort. Why take a chance on hotels and restaurants when you can rely on her expert advice? I look forward to working with her again!

- Jennifer Hammerstein

It was my pleasure to consult with Robin for an upcoming vacation to Italy. I wanted it to be very special & needed expertise to find the perfect local restaurant recommendations in addition to must see side trips. Robin gathered up terrific recommendations- very quickly and efficiently (and with good humor) Needless to say, her expertise was instrumental in our wonderful vacation!

- Jill Love Wlos

Carry on Consult

Using the information and tips provided by Robin, I was able to gain the confidence to leave the checked luggage at home. I took my 9 year old daughter on a 10-day trip to Italy with only 2 carry-ons and 2 day bags. It was the most freeing experience! If I can do it with a tween, anyone can do it! Thank you, Robin!

- Sara Hawkins

During my carry-on consult with Robin she gave me practical, useful tips and her advice resulted in me bringing way fewer outfits than I normally would. Not only were we successful with carry-on, but we also saved money! I will never travel with large bags again!

- Kate Cohen