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Disclosure Policy

Occasionally, the author may receive a complimentary product or service for review.  If the author feels that these products or services would be helpful and beneficial to readers of the site, the author may post a review and will disclose the nature of the complimentary product or service in the review according to the FCC Blogger Guidelines.  The author does not engage in paid reviews, and would only accept a sample of the product or service in order to conduct the review, never any payment.  Any and all opinions of the products or services tested and reviewed will always remain my own.

The author may occassionally be hosted on press trips or be compensated in some form for travel (ie travel expenses, hotel rooms, meals).  Again, when writing about any of these places or activities that were visted as a direct result of a hosted trip, the author will disclose this fact according to the FCC Blogger Guidelines.  Any and all opinions of these destinations, trips, properties, excursions and the like will always remain my own.

Currently, this site does not engage in any paid reviews, but does engage in paid advertisements and sponsored posts.

Terms & Conditions for Melange Travel Services

  • Melange does not supply travel insurance and does not require that you have it.  However, Melange strongly recommends purchasing the appropriate level of travel insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances. It is the traveler’s responsibility to investigate the insurance company and direct all questions about travel insurance coverage directly to them.
  • Melange is not liable for any loss or expense due to injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or inconvenience resulting in part or entirely from causes beyond its control, the negligence of any person or company performing any of the services involved or negligence of the traveler(s) while following any itinerary, advice, recommendation, tour or excursion.
  • Melange is not responsible or liable for the operation of any third-party service provider which may provide service to the traveler. This includes, but is not limited to, the failure of public transportation to operate as planned or museums and other attractions to open as scheduled.
  • Melange acts as an agent in matters of tours, excursions, classes and transportation and as such must collect deposits when reservations are made.  The amount of the deposit, refund allowed, and cancellation policies vary according to the specific tour and operator. Clients should refer to the individual tour provider for details on their policies.
  • Melange reserves the right to refuse services or refuse to arrange any travel itinerary, accommodation, tour or excursion to anyone at anytime, as well as reserve the right to cancel any trip or tour at anytime.  If a tour or excursion offered through Melange, or one of its affiliates, cancels at no fault of the client, any monies paid, less a booking or administrative fee, will be refunded in full.
  • Melange reserves the right to use any or all comments made in regard to services, tours or excursions as testimonials on this website or in print material.

Payments, Fees and Cancellation

  • Service fees for consultations, itinerary design and other contracted work will vary on a case by case basis and are non-refundable. Deposits and payments made to Melange for tours, excursions, tour guides, transportation, entrance tickets, advance tickets and reservations, museum tours, consultation fees, booking fees and any other customized tours may not be refundable.  Please note that Melange does not determine the refund policies of any of the service providers, but if asked, will inform you of a specific providers policies prior to confirming your trip
  • Returned checks will be subject to a fee of $30.
  • Prices and balances on transportation, tours, excursions and accommodations are subject to change without notice due to fluctuations in the currency exchange rates.