Tour del Gelato : Amorino


Seems like a good time for another stop on the Tour del Gelato.

There is nothing in this world that can be as good as scarfing down some gelato in Italy.  A close second would be scarfing down creamy, authentic Italian gelato, right in the heart of my favorite French city, Paris!

I first found Amorino on my first solo trip to Paris in 2005, while wandering through the Latin Quarter.

I noticed the line zig-zagging out onto the cobbled streets.

But what really caught my eye was the chubby little cherub gracing the Amorino sign!


I have waxed poetic on my love for round, happy cherubs and putti.

Now, I ask you, what Italiaphile would pass up a cute, winged cherub and gelato?  None that I know of. It was as if cupid shot an arrow right though my heart and into my stomach.  I had to partake.  

Amorino was set up in the typical Italian fashion, complete with the huge array of colorful flavors,  a feast for the eyes on display in a glass case.


All the flavors are in Italian (which I am pleasantly surpised that the bureaucracy-laden country of France would even allow) and just like real gelateria in Italy, you can fit as many flavors into your cup or cone as you wish.

On my visit in 2007,  I was pleasantly surprised to find one near the Marais neighborhood, blocks from our hotel.

It was nice to see the same familiar cherub and classic gelato flavors, welcoming me in.  But really, it was even better to taste the delicious custard, while taking in the frenchness of Paris.

So, while it was my love of cherubs and their plump tummies that drew me in, it is my love for authenic Italian gelato and my full, plump tummy (after enjoying it), that will keep me coming back for more.

Amorino has grown by leaps and bounds and currently have over 12 locations in Paris, and many others scattered around France- too many for me to list here individually.  Please visit the Amorino website for a locations and hours.

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