Beautiful French Words

Fleur-de-lys Though I am a Italophile, who goes gaga over the language, my Francophile side still fights its way though from time to time.  And this is one of those times.

I do happen to think that Italian is the most beautiful language spoken in the world.  I have taken Italian lessons and I have written about my favorite Italian words.

But not to far behind Italian is my second favorite language. French.

Perhaps it is not my number one because I fail miserably at attempting to pronounce most words.  One would not think it would be that difficult to purse your lips, condense the sound of seven consonants and three vowels into one short sound that starts in the back of your throat, moves through your nostrils and exits your lips (which look like you just sucked on a very tart lemon) and resembles a noise the cat makes when he has a hairball. But for me, it is.

I think that is why when I hear French spoken well and properly, that it sounds so wonderful.

I have alot of respect for the French and their language.  It takes such hard work.  It takes concentration and use of muscles in their tongues, mouth and face that I rarely use.

Here are a list of some of my favorite French words.  When spoken by a Frenchman or Frenchwomen.

cherie {dear}

jolie {pretty}

incroyable {incredible}

soirée {gathering}

amour {love}

étoile {star}

papillon {butterfly}

fille {girl}

coeur {heart}

magnifique {magnificent}

bisous {kiss}

accoutrement {outfit, get up}

bijoux {jewels}

bourgeoisie {middle-class}

coquette {flirty girl}

mélange {a mix of things}

Care to add some of your favorites?  Do so in the comments.

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