Travel Advice : 6 Reasons Italy May Not Be For You

Normally I would be the first one waxing poetic about why you should take a trip to Italy.  That being said, I have come to the realization that Italy may not be for everyone {shocking, I know!}.  This Travel Tip Tuesday I wanted to flip the script and talk about how to know if Italy should be on your destination list.

Before you decide to make Italy your next vacation, check out these six reasons Italy may not be for you.

1.  You think that Pizza Hut and Olive Garden are REAL Italian food. Will you be upset and turn your nose up at fresh, authentic food only available in Italy?  Will you whine and complain about the fact that delicious Italian food doesn’t taste like your favorite salt-laden dish at the Olive Garden or that Italy’s pizza doesn’t have a stuffed crust?  Italy may not be for you.

2.  You must have modern conveniences. Are you used to having excellent wi-fi and having elevators at your disposal no matter where you go? Don’t think that Italian’s laundry blowing in the breeze on a clothes line is charming? Italy is an ancient country, full of history – and as such doesn’t always have updated or the latest and greatest in technology, equipment or appliances.  If this will bother you, Italy may not be for you.

3.  You must stick to standard operating hours. Used to hitting the bank or running errands during lunch hour?  Want the flexibility of having a late lunch or early dinner at your favorite restaurant?  Italy has different operating hours than the U.S.  Stores, banks and post offices generally close from around 12pm-3pm and many restaurants have strict lunch and dinner hours, which may require you to put some effort into planning your day. If you refuse to adjust your schedule and expect otherwise, Italy may not be for you.

4.  You hate graffiti. Perhaps you won’t find as much in the smaller village towns, but you should expect buildings in larger cities to be littered with graffiti.  If you expect sparkling clean surroundings free of artistic expression, like you see in the movies, Italy may not be for you.

5. You expect everyone to speak English.  Not even remotely interested in learning a little Italian or bringing along an Italian-English dictionary? Are you just assuming that everyone in Italy must speak English and cop an attitude when someone doesn’t?  Well, not only is that rude on your part, but it is unreasonable.  Many Italians in larger cities speak English, but don’t expect to hold lengthy in-depth conversations in English. If you refuse to learn a bit of Italian {Italians actually love and appreciate when you try to speak their language} or will be annoyed at the locals when you can’t communicate, Italy may not be for you.

6.  You live life in the fast lane. You have limited time in Italy and you want to make the most of it.  You enjoy packing your itinerary chock full and running from place to place.  You set aside exactly one hour for a museum visit and count on having quick, sit-down meals – no more than 30 minutes.  Italians live life at a slower pace and often enjoy 2-3 hour meals. If you can’t relax, slow down and enjoy the moment, Italy may not be for you.

So, have you decided that Italy is definitely for you?  If so, click here to see how I can help plan your trip!

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