Food in Rome : Ciuri Ciuri Pasticceria

It’s no secret that eating my way through Italy is one of my favorite pastimes.  And so far, the food in Rome hasn’t disappointed.  Typically, I’m busy checking out wine bars, sampling authentic Roman pasta dishes like Cacio e Pepe or Pasta Carbonara or chowing down on Rome’s version of pizza to go, pizza al taglio.

But life can’t be all about pasta, pizza and wine can it?  Who am I kidding, of course it can.  But every now and then a girl gets a craving for sweet treats.  I know exactly where to get coffee-infused refreshment on a hot day and now thankfully I have a pasticceria in Rome, where I can find wonderful Italian pastries.

Strolling through the Monti neighborhood , I came across a pastry shop called Ciuri Cuiri. I will readily admit, I’m a sucker for melodic names and cute logos. And much like an attractive wine label is often enough to lure me into sampling a new wine,  what I saw on the facade had me skipping through the door.

Food in Rome : Ciuri Ciuri

I walked in and found a treasure trove of all things sweet and Italian. Cases overflowing with meticulously prepared mini Italian pastries, cakes, cookies, cannoli and other assorted tasty treats of the Sicilian kind, which makes sense because Cirui Ciuri translates to flower, flower in Sicilian dialect.

After drooling for what felt like hours, I finally decided to sample several bite-sized treats.

Food in Rome : sweets from Ciuri Ciuri

A mini cannolo, a ricotta-filled pastry, a pistachio truffle and a chocolate concoction also topped with pistachios.

Oh and how could I forget – they also have gelato, which of course I couldn’t resist.

Food in Rome : Gelato

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – that’s an awful lot of sugar and calories for one person.  Keep in mind, I did have help gobbling it down and I did so much walking in Rome, that I’m sure it didn’t even register on the hips.

Next time you’ve had your fill of typical Roman fare, don’t forget to give into your Italian sweet tooth and stop by for a few delectable Sicilian treats.

Ciuri Ciuri
via Leonina 18-20, Rome
With other locations in both Rome and Milan.


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