Carry-on Consult

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He who travels happily, must travel light — Antoine St. Exupery

Tired of waiting for your bags to arrive at the airport luggage carrousel?

Frustrated with airlines loosing your bags? Or worse yet, destroying them.

Fed up paying skyrocketing checked bag fees? 

Traveling with only a carry-on has many benefits. Would you like:

  • a healthy back
  • freedom
  • less stress
  • ability to manuever quickly and easily, especially to catch a connection flight
  • less time packing and unpacking
  • more confidence in packing decisions
  • less worry over your bag arriving in your final destination
  • less worry about items being stolen from your checked luggage
  • saving money on bag fees (to spend on travel experiences)

It’s a great concept, but carry-on travel can be a scary, daunting, overwhelming and frustrating task if you don’t know where to begin.

But have no fear -the Carry-on Queen is here!

I learned the hard way that life (and a trip) is too short to be hauling heavy bags up and down Venetian footbridges or 218 spiraling stairs of a Parisian hotel.

Armed with years of personal experience, I’ve mastered International carry-on travel and committed the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule to memory and I can help even the chronic over-packer, convert to carry-on.

“Using the information and tips provided by Robin, I was able to gain the confidence to leave the checked luggage at home. I took my 9 year old daughter on a 10-day trip to Italy with only 2 carry-ons and 2 day bags. It was the most freeing experience! If I can do it with a tween, anyone can do it! Thank you, Robin.” – Sara Hawkins


We’ll start out by exchanging some emails so I can get a feel for how you pack now, what your goals are, and your unique situation (are going on your honeymoon, or traveling around the world, solo.)

We’ll continue our consult through email so I can guide you step-by-step through the process of switching to one bag. You’ll have all the written info to refer back to later.

During our consult you’ll learn:

  • how to determine which type of bag is best for you
  • how to maximize space when you pack
  • what to pack; what to leave behind
  • how to overcome packing for ‘just in case’
  • my secrets for having all the outfits you need, all in one bag
  • how small shifts at home can help you be successful during travel
  • how to handle trips longer than 2 weeks
  • tips for paring down your beauty routine and what to put in your clear quart-sized ziploc bag
  • the best way to organize your bag and speed through airport security like a pro

You’ll also get:

  • my packing checklist
  • video packing tutorial
  • resources for buying luggage, travel-sized products, TSA guidelines, airline bag restrictions
  • practical and useful tips
  • my tough love approach to help you decide what stuff to leave behind

As your trip gets closer, we will schedule a short follow-up email – to make sure you stay on track, answer any last minute questions and provide some motivation.

When we’re done, you should be ready to roll out the door, feeling lighter and freer!

Carry-on consults cost $150, paid up front.

Packing a carry-on as a woman can be tricky, especially with the transition from day to night.  I was already comfortable with certain aspects of carry-on, but during our consult Robin allowed me to steer the conversation toward areas I needed the most help with.  She gave me practical, useful tips and her advice resulted in me bringing way fewer outfits than I normally would, but I still felt like I had options. I now know how to pack without feeling unprepared or that I’m forgetting something.  Not only were we successful traveling with carry-on luggage on the flights, but we also saved money!  We didn’t have to take a single taxi ride our entire trip. We always had the energy to take public transport not being burdened with large suitcases.  I found my carry-on consult with Robin to be a very good value and I would absolutely recommend it to others. I will never travel with large bags again! – Kate Cohen

Ready to ditch those heavy bags and convert to carry-on?