Foodie AdventuresDo you yearn to discover your destination through its unique cuisine, savoring the best local food an area has to offer? Perhaps you have a passion for wine or chocolate? Are you nutty for gelato? Mad for macarons?

Whether you prefer wine bars, street food, Michelin starred restaurants or slow food establishments – your custom Foodie Adventure awaits.

Maybe you want the chance to sample one of France’s 350 cheeses or have your heart set on tasting fresh local Italian olive oil. Your adventurous side may fancy dining in an underground restaurant or trying tripe for the very first time in a historic trattoria whose time-honored recipe has been passed down for generations.

I share your passion for food and wine and possess an in-depth knowledge of food and food-related activities throughout France and Italy.  My custom foodie adventure travel itinerary can help turn a great foodie vacation into the experience of a lifetime.

“We experienced an amazing foodie adventure today in Paris. Thanks again for planning it!”  -Cole Nussbaumer

After we have a short chat to determine your likes and dislikes, passions, cravings, and any special cuisines you are looking to try, a custom designed food itinerary will be created for you based on your food preferences and areas you’ll be visiting.

Your personalized foodie itinerary, which is perfect for the independent traveler, will be a detailed, self-guided tour complete with:

  • hand-picked spots offering the finest products that your passionate about sampling
  • gourmet enthusiast shops where you can purchase cookware, kitchen gadgets and tableware
  • epicurean boutiques that specialize in gourmet foods and cookbooks
  • open-air food markets where you can touch, smell and shop for fresh in-season produce while experiencing life like a local
  • dining recommendations to savor the best authentic cuisine from local independent chefs and restaurants
  • not to be missed suggestions of other noteworthy haunts for food-lovers
  • customized map, so that you’ll be able to discover your Foodie Adventure at your own pace.

“During our last trip to Italy Robin’s culinary recommendations were the exclamation mark on an already amazing trip. Her network of foodies and local contacts made Robin a very valuable resource indeed. She provided an excellent selection of trattorias, enotecas and cafes to chose from.”  -Russell Beck

Cost: Foodie Adventure itineraries are $95 for a half day and $175 for a full day. To get started on your next foodie adventure get in touch using the contact form. I’d love to hear from you!

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