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Do you have your itinerary completed (or almost completed) but you’d like the security of having another set of expert eyes review it and make recommendations to ensure you have the best travel experience possible?

Are you concerned that you haven’t made the most of your time or that you’ve left something important out and don’t like leaving the little things to chance?  If so, my itinerary review might be the perfect fit.

My itinerary review service allows me, an experienced travel planner and frequent traveler to France and Italy, to scrutinize your proposed travel plans and offer my personal tips and suggestions for maximizing your time and money on your vacation.

How it Works

You’ll begin by emailing me and stating your interest in having me review your itinerary.  Your email should include your current planned itinerary and a brief note describing your travel circumstances and what you’re the most concerned with or what you’re stuck on.

I’ll reply back with a few follow-up questions and send along an invoice.  Once payment is received, I’ll begin work on going over your travel plans with a fine tooth comb.

When I review your itinerary, I’ll be asking questions like:

  • Have you organized your travel destinations in the most logical and desirable order possible?
  • Are you packing too much into your days and risk traveling at a frantic pace?
  • Are your selected hotels reputable and centrally located for sightseeing?
  • How can I enhance your itinerary so that you have the best possible experience?

And I may recommend things like:

  • The most efficient modes of transportation and travel routes
  • How to fill any major gaps in your itinerary
  • Visiting a museum on a different day or at a less-crowded time
  • Activities that may be of interest, but are missing from your itinerary

Once I’ve completed my review, I’ll send you an organized list of my recommendations and tweaks that would make your trip extra fabulous. If you need clarification or have questions about any recommendations, you’ll have one opportunity to follow-up through email.

“We hired Robin because we needed advice on our Italy itinerary, hotels and travel modes.  Her recommendations for transportation, both traveling to and from cities, and getting around while there, were great and very useful.

On her advice, we changed our Rome hotel to one she recommended, which was perfect. It made such a big difference to be close to all the sites.  She also suggested activities in each destination – many of which we took part in and enjoyed. All in all we were very happy with the work she did for us and felt it was worth the money we spent. Knowing what we know now, we would have her help us again if we had to do it all over.” – Ed Lorenzini


Itinerary Reviews are $125, payable by Paypal or credit card.

If you think an itinerary review would be helpful for your next Italy or France vacation, get in touch by filling out the contact form. I’d love to hear from you!