Quick Consult

Got a question? I’ve got an answer.

Do you have one quick question about Italy or France travel? Something that would put the icing on your tasty vacation cake?

A quick consult is the answer!

Common quick consult questions include:

  • Help! I need a hotel recommendation
  • I’d like a restaurant suggestion for a special evening out
  • Which is the best airport to fly into or out of
  • What’s the best winery for a tour and tasting
  • I’m a foodie – what MUST SEE spot should I visit
  • I need a recommendation for a fabulous tour guide
  • What time of year should I travel
  • Should I or shouldn’t I add (insert destination here) to my itinerary
  • Is my hotel centrally located
  • What’s the best day or time to visit a museum or attraction
  • I’d like to rent a villa or apartment, what company should I use

Robin’s warm emails and quick responses during my Quick Consult gave me very helpful recommendations on Venice accommodations, which made my trip planning go smoothly – Ameera Aumeerally


Send me your question using the contact form.  If I can answer it, I’ll email an invoice for $30.  Once I receive your payment, I’ll email my answer within 48 hours. Guaranteed. 

Quick Consults are only conducted through email and don’t include any phone time or additional follow-up. The question that’s asked will be answered, so the more specific you are in the initial email, the better.