Do you enjoy planning and researching your trip, but have a few aspects you need help with?

Maybe you’ve never been to Italy or France before, are overwhelmed with all the options and don’t know where to begin.

Perhaps you need recommendations for trusted tour guides or restuarants that will blow your mind, but not your budget.

A travel consult is the perfect answer to your difficult travel questions!

You can talk directly to me and get expert advice and opinions on things like:

  • Recommendations for a reputable budget hotel in Florence.
  • Ideas for off-the-beaten path activities in Paris.
  • Itinerary Setup, such as how many days to spend in Italy and where to go.
  • Advice on common questions, such as renting a car versus taking the train from Rome to Venice.
  • Suggestions for local, authentic dining and other food or wine related activities.
  • Guidance and practical tips for first-time visitors.

My hourly consult service can help you turn problems into solutions. I’ve spent months traveling in France and Italy, making silly travel mistakes, finding local gems and figuring out the logistics, so you don’t have to.

Nobody likes to have a bad vacation, and every hour spent with me is a little bit of insurance.  I’ll help you have a smooth trip and avoid bumps in the road, before you leave the house.

“Robin helped me evaluate what would make the most sense given our interests, ease of getting around and time. She gave us several hotel options for each location so we could choose and book myself to save money. Robin was very patient and a great listener. She saved me time and gave me comfort that our trip was going to be wonderful and that we were getting the best of what France had to offer. I would absolutely recommend her to others. I only wish she covered more countries.” – Kate Cohen


  • First, you’ll request a travel consult using the contact form. Please include details about your trip and what you need help with.  The more specific you are, the better.
  • I’ll email back with a few follow-up questions and I’ll forward along an invoice.
  • When I receive payment, I’ll get back in touch with some available consult times.
  • Once we agree upon a time, you’ll provide your contact info. I’ll be in touch at our scheduled time and we’ll chat for up to an hour.

 “Many folks love fly by the seat of your pants travel and my husband and I love planning the details for months in advance!  But even the most savvy travelers get tripped up when discovering a new locale. Robin was just what I needed to take the edge off the planning anxiety regarding our Tuscany and Rome trip. Her hour-long consult helped ease my pre-trip concerns. I’m so grateful I found My Melange and look forwarding to using Robin in the future for my Paris trip and any other Europe travels.”  -Michelle Meals


Travel consults are $150, payable by Paypal or credit card.

Ready to schedule a travel consult? Get in touch by filling out the contact form or email me  

I’d love to help!


Travel Consults are conducted by phone (in the U.S) or Skype between myself and one other person, preferably the lead traveler. Conference calls are not accepted.

Consults can be scheduled Monday-Friday between 1oam and 4pm EST. Twenty-four hours notice is required for rescheduling an appointment.

  • Only have one quick question? A quick consult might be a better fit.
  • Need help planning your whole trip? Hire me as your trip coach!
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