Trip Coach for Italy and France

italy france travel planning assistance trip coach


You might need Italy or France travel planning assistance if it’s your first time traveling and you need someone to guide you during the planning process.

Maybe you’ve planned trips before, but the vacation didn’t live up to your expectations.

Have you spent hours on Internet research, overwhelmed with endless information and too many options, leaving you confused and unable to make decisions?

What you need is a trip coach!


My trip coach service is a trip planning session conducted entirely through email that will:

      • make the most of your time and money
      • provide you with trusted resources for booking all aspects of your trip
      • offer unlimited expert advice and tailored recommendations from someone with extensive knowledge and over ten years of first-hand experience
      • enable you to work when it’s convenient, rather than having to take time off work to schedule phone calls


I have to say Italy was the best part of the trip based on family feedback. Everything you recommended was great! I have talked about the value add you were and have friends that said when they are going to Italy will ask for your name. Great value! We may be going back in the next 2 years – they loved it so much. I will be in touch. The trip coach was the perfect way to plan our vacation. -Chris Robbins


We agree upon a period of time when you and I exchange emails a few times a day to plan all aspects of your trip. We’ll tackle each topic in small digestible bites, in a format designed to keep you organized and avoid being overwhelmed.

We start with things like overall flow and pace, destinations, budget, how to choose flights and airports, how to get around (rental car, train) what to do and see, etc.

Or, if you’re further along in your planning, we can get right to hotels (or apartments), tour guides, excursions and dining options.

You can ask me any questions pertaining to your trip – and I’ll answer them, usually within 24 hours. Every question asked will be answered. Guaranteed.

At the end of our coaching session you’ll have a blueprint for your trip – you’ll have your itinerary organized, and all the resources needed to complete the planning process – just follow through with the bookings!

And since trip coaching is done through email, you’ll have it all in writing to refer back to easily. 

I only accept one trip coach client at a time, so you’ll have my full attention for our session. I’ll be yours, exclusively.


  • 7 day coaching $450, paid upfront
  • 3 day mini coaching $250, paid upfront