Food and Wine Tours

Do you prefer guided tours or enjoy independent travel, but would love the chance to savor a fun, tasty and completely authentic experience?

I share your passion for local, authentic slow food and wine experiences which is why I have partnered with trusted local guides to offer carefully selected, hand-crafted, intimate food, wine and culinary excursions.

All tours and classes are half-day excursions with local English-speaking guides, who are excited to show you what their area has to offer, immerse you in the local culture.

A seasoned native guide will help breathe life into the subject matter and offer both local and family secrets that many guidebooks just don’t cover. The hours spent on these excursions are a delicious way to garner a deeper knowledge of the food, wine, culture, local customs and language.  As with many of the cooking classes and meals – you’ll be invited right into their homes and treated like family.

These are not commercialized group tours, they are small, intimate, personalized and offer one-on-one attention. Designed to be relaxed and informal, conversing in a friendly manner with your guide and asking questions along the way is highly encouraged.

These experiences are more than just a good time and a full belly – you’ll also come away with wonderful memories and new friends to treasure.

“Our Paris cooking class was the perfect way to understand not only French food, but the French people. Anne was excellent in teaching us how to prepare a dinner for 4-6 people that was ready just in time for each course. It’s worth the money!” — The Wardel’s

For a complete listing of tours on offer, please click the links below:

Are you interested in a completely customized private guided tour of a specific area in France or Italy?  I’m happy to arrange local guides based on your interests. Get in touch by filling out the contact form. I’d love to hear from you.