About Robin & Mélange Travel

Robin Locker Lacey Melange TravelCiao! Bonjour. 

It’s me – Robin Locker Lacey!

Italophile, Francofile, food and wine lover, travel-junkie, minimalist. I never met a French cheese I didn’t like and I can eat my weight in pasta carbonara.

I’m also the owner of Mélange Travel and I’ve been an dishing out Italy and France travel advice and planning trips for close to ten years.

I am extemely passionate about what I do and feel so grateful to do work I love. EVERYDAY. I get to help people with their dreams of traveling to France and Italy.

But I didn’t always have this fabulous job.  Allow me to explain.

My story is not typical. I am not Italian or French, although most days I feel like I was in a former life.

I was not immersed in European culture as a child. I didn’t spend countless hours cooking with my Grandmother in the kitchen, sharing time-honored family recipes, globetrotting, museum hopping or listening to stories about my ancestors’ life in the ‘old country’.  Truth is, I never had an overwhelming desire to even travel to Europe.

Until the day I saw Under the Tuscan Sun. 

As cliché as it sounds, my life changed that day. For the better. I skipped on outta that theater, determined to travel to Italy and subsequently planned my first of many trips, with my husband (then boyfriend) in shock and disbelief.

The trip was ah-mazing. I fell deeply in love with Italy -the gregarious people, the simple, delicious food, café culture, the wine, the architecture, the history, the language, and the lifestyle in general.

And gelato. Did I mention the gelato?

Afer returning home, I truly missed that European culture.  Craving more, I decided to put that high-school French to good use and travel to Paris, solo. It was there I discovered the nooks and crannies of the magical city, without the distraction of a companion.

I was awestruck by the grand architecture and manicured gardens.  I savored my first real French croissant, began my obsession with macarons, dispelled the ‘French are rude’ myth and overcame the fear of traveling alone in foreign city.

And I planned both of those trips alone. By myself. On a budget. Without a travel agent or signing up for one of those overcrowded and overpriced bus tours.

When I got back, I started a little blog as a way to share my experiences, recipes, travel tips and infuse that European culture into other’s lifestyles.

I discovered I really enjoyed writing, so I decided I’d try some freelance writing.

I can spend hours wandering aimlessly, taking photos, looking for the just the right shot. I think that makes me an amateur photographer.

Then, I began helping friends and family with their travel plans, and found it was something I loved to do. I started off slowly, but eventually I was able to leave my soul-sucking, stressful day job to do what I loved most, full-time.

I’ve combined my passion for travel and food, undying love for Italy and France, my detail-oriented nature and my years of management and customer service experience and created a multi-faceted business which includes travel consulting, itinerary planning,

I’m all about slow food, slow wine and having an authentic experience. So, it would be no surprise I also offer foodie adventures. Recently, I partnered with some of my trusted local contacts to offer tours, cooking classes and wine tastings which immerse you in the local culture while having a fun and memorable authentic experience.

I’m also a minimalist, so naturally I travel light.  Known in certain circles as the ‘Carryon Queen’, I teach people how to travel with only a carry-on bag.

My wish is for you to experience Italy and France like a local, discover your own passions and be willing to let it change your life as it did mine. My goal is to help you travel smarter, lighter, stress-free and on any budget.

And me? Well, maybe I’ll publish a travel memoir someday. Each subsequent trip adds more stories!

But mostly, I dream of living out the rest of my days somewhere in the beautiful Tuscan countryside – drunk on Chianti and the Italian language.


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